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ISACA is Dedicated to Lifetime Learning and Career Progression for our Global Community of IS/IT Professionals.

We strive to inspire and enable innovation through technology, helping create transformative enterprises.     

Membership and Professional Community

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ISACA is committed to providing our diverse network of more than 145,000 members worldwide with the tools you need to achieve individual and organizational success. Our globally accepted research and guidance, credentials and community collaboration help professionals and enterprises realize the positive potential of technology. Through more than 220 regional ISACA chapters in more than 90 countries, we provide our members a host of benefits on a local level as well.

ISACA’s constituency is characterized by its diversity. The global community of ISACA members and certified individuals covers a variety of professional IT-related positions, information systems or IT auditors, internal auditors, governance, security and risk professionals, consultants, educators, and C-suite executives. We partner with you through your full career lifecycle–whether you are new to the field, in a management role, or in a senior leadership position. We serve professionals in nearly every industry and every geography.


Professional Recognition

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Joining ISACA enables you to take advantage of opportunities for learning and career growth that can lead to personal and professional recognition on a global scale.


Independent studies continue to demonstrate that holding a globally recognized ISACA certification enhances professional mobility and earning potential. It signifies to employers and peers that you are dedicated to high professional standards, knowledge and skills.

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ISACA recognizes outstanding contributions that advance our professional community and exemplify our purpose, values, and leadership. By acknowledging the individuals and achievements that have a positive impact on our global society, ISACA seeks to confer worldwide credibility and inspire future generations of business and technology professionals.

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Insights, Guidance and Practices

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ISACA continuously addresses the technology issues challenging enterprise leaders and professionals. We do this through covering major news and current events affecting the IS/IT community and researching and developing globally recognized solutions, best practices and frameworks. By actively researching and drawing on the collective knowledge and experience of the ISACA community worldwide, our guidance offers comprehensive solutions grounded in real-world success.



Professional Development

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In an occupation as dynamic as IT, professional development is a necessity—and ISACA is a lifetime learning partner for career advancement. ISACA provides the products and tools to promote growth, innovation and trust. The strength of our industry experts helps drive the opportunities for personal and enterprise success. ISACA offers educational events that meet the needs of IT professionals, including face-to-face conferences, in-person and online training, and dozens of other continuing professional education (CPE) options. We are committed to providing our members and constituents with the resources you need to keep your professional skills and knowledge up-to-date and relevant in an ever-changing world.

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