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Add even more value to your certification designation.

ISACA's open badges enable interested parties to learn more about the credentials via single-click verification.

Social and Professional Media

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With your ISACA open badge you can share your ISACA certifications on popular social and professional networking sites, emails or personal web sites. The visual representation of your ISACA certification will also allow your contacts to verify the credentials that you have achieved. It is a quick and easy way to share your achievements with your contacts. You’ve worked hard to earn your certification, so why not share this accomplishment with your colleagues?

Yes you do, Need a Badge

ISACA’s digital badges are managed by Acclaim, an enterprise-class badging platform, providing security and protection to your credentials. Once you achieve certification status, you can display your abilities securely online, share your real-time, verifiable achievement with peers and prospective employers and export for display on other platforms and social media.




How it Works

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What is the process for claiming my badge(s)?

Upon clicking the link in the email sent by ISACA, you will be taken to the Acclaim web site. There you will create an account in a matter of minutes and then be able to claim the badge(s) ISACA has issued to you. At that point, you will have the ability to share with social sites and send emails announcing your achievement.

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